Tuesday, 27 March 2012

About Myfamily Cycles Services, Malaysia

 Fresh from our Europe tour, instead of packing in new clothes, souvenirs & chocolates, we lugged 2 boxes of foldable bike and trike home. That was in February 2012. Gleefully taking out from the box, Andy assembled the trike in the kitchen and did his first test drive in the public park at 12 midnight with Kaydee & Sachiko ( our two doggies). I rode the bike and boy! what an unforgettable "wheeee whoosh !"  That early day and days ahead, were the beginning of sleepness nights over these incredible 2  (or 3) wheel machines. 

Share good things in life. We can't stop talking. Friends and family test-drove the bikes.  Words cannot describe the bonds fostered. We were encouraged.
Devouring articles, write-ups, news, events, etc, every available time was spent going around looking for bicycle shops and meeting real bicycle people. They are intoxicated - for the love of bicycles. Tops for passion. The domino effect is unstoppable. In March,2012, myfamilycycles.com was born.

TALK TO US about Bike Friday ! Available in Tandem, Commute, Touring, Mountain & Road models.  Visit us at our showroom for a guided tour. See, touch & ride the bicycles that fly !

Office : +603-7335537   Cell : +012 890 3927   Email: myfamilycycles@gmail.com   
 Website : www.myfamilycycles.com (under construction)  


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