Friday, 30 March 2012

What is my favourite commuting folder?

My regular commute to work is about 2 km. one way.  If I go by car, with the traffic, it would take 20 minutes plus finding a parking place, by motorbike it takes 8 minutes, and by bicycle it only takes 10 minutes; so my preferred bike is a folding bike as I will not have to lock it outside but can bring it into the studio with me.  But which is the best folding bike for me?

Before I became a Bike Friday dealer, I had just bought a single-speed "British Racing Green" Brompton with Brooks saddle in London and brought it back to Malaysia on Air Asia for RM75, but AA has cancelled that route as, they said that it was unprofitable!  Well that is another post.
 Whenever I rode the B to work or back, that iconic bike for commuting brought out lovely "oohs" and "aahs" from admiring bystanders. However riding even 2 km. on that bike would give me low back pain attacks.

I read about the Bike Friday's superb performance and so I became a dealer for Bike Fridays.  When the bike Friday Tikit came, I had been using the Brompton for about two weeks after riding the Tikit for another two weeks I can compare both.

Brompton Pros:  tight, neat, compact fold; light 9 kg weight; Easy to adjust seat height for different riders.
Cons:  only one speed, ( 2, 3, and 6-speed models available); back pain causing frame geometry (titanium seat posts could make a difference but would costs extra £500. The ride was mushy and seemed like steering was wobbly.

Bike Friday Tikit Pros: Fastest fold, almost instant folding and unfolding, Great steering, handling was much more like a full-sized bike.  The welds and finishing on the bike was superb.  The bike seems to glide for a longtime, from high-pressure tires, low rolling resistance; quick, but smooth steering, comgortable rife, responsive brakes.
Cons:  only 8 speeds, could upgrade to 16 speeds or better belt drive.

Conclusion: I like the Brompton; but I love the Tikit

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