Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New World Tourist with Nuvinci CVT

The New World Tourist can tackle any challenge you throw its way, from multiday touring to daily commuting to simple Sunday afternoon riding.

One of the ways to build a Custom New World Tourist is to add the NuVinci 360 continuously variable transmission (CVT), so you will always find the perfect gear for any situation.

The NuVinci will give you a gear range from 26.5 to 95.5 inches with a 20-tooth cog and 53-tooth ring. 

The NuVinci N360 hub is Fallbrook Technologies' latest alternative to the limitations and complications of traditional indexed-geared systems.

It offers a simple and seamlessly smooth way of shifting throughout a wide ratio range without power transfer interruptions, or missed shifts.

It is now available on our New World Tourist, Pocket Llama, Pocket Crusoe and tikit Customized bikes.

"As the fixie riders will tell you, there is a special elegance and charm that you get from a simple fixed gear that a derailleur cannot match -- or any gear changer, for that matter," Bike Friday co-Founder Alan Scholz says. "But it seems that derailleurs have won out to date, as most modern 'real bikes' have them."

Derailleurs present maintenance challenges for a lot of cyclists.

"Hub gears solve some of the maintenance and mechanical challenge issues for the cyclist who is not also a top mechanic, nor wants to be one," Scholz says.

"But none of the hub gears to date have had that breakthrough that also gave them a better feel. That feeling of simplicity, elegance, and smoothness that fixed gear bikes promise but cannot deliver on the hills, down winds, and gear pulling challenges of real everyday anywhere cycling."

That's why NuVinci is a game-changer.

"The NuVinci hub is a different solution totally," Scholz says. "Not a new departure but a new way of mating a person to the bike. Doesn't look like it, but when I rode it I was struck by the feel that it was completely smooth and I couldn't tell what gear I was in. There are no gears!"

It didn't take long for Scholz to be convinced.

"Yes, my next personal Bike Friday is going to have a NuVinci," Scholz says.

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