Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bike friday review

Overall Experience Rating:

What more could you ask for?
I needed a new bike with lower gearing to cross the Rockies and Appalachians, traveling the 4,200 miles from the US coast to coast.

Knowing that the bike would have to come back and that I would like to do some international bike touring, as well as the fact that my city lacks bike racks on some buses drove me to consider a folder.

I have met several people with folders, including Dahons, but for touring people always raved about their BF. On a coastal driving trip, I stopped into Eugene to try one out. Wow. Pretty nice.

It took me awhile to commit to the price, but in comparison to a Surley Long Haul, it was comparable. In retrospect, the 4,200 miles were delightfully uncomplicated bicycle wise. The one suggestion for someone putting that many miles on a NWT would be to get the Chris King headset, for the stock headset required tightening every 1,000 miles.

Other cons are the lack of a top tube to support a fully loaded bike while straddling the bike and the increased difficulty (very tight) of changing a tire due the small circumference.

The complaints are few. The pros include the ability to fold the bike and step on a train, plane and bus (without extra cost or restriction) as well as its ability to start from a start quickly (important on a hill) and fast handling to avoid obstacles. Fully folding the bike to put into the suitcase takes me 30-45 minutes and putting it back together takes me about 15 min.

Submitted by: Leslie Duggleby April 23, 2012

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