Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sumei Toh Rides BF NWT, Llama, Tikit and Pocket Rocket

Sumei Toh was the first client to test-ride all four Bike Friday select models on Tuesday, May 22, 2012. Since I assembled them, no one had ever ridden the bikes until Sumei. So she was riding each bike for the first time. So here is the riding order and general reaction: 

1. She rode the 5 NWT InfinityTour Nuvinci first and said the shifting of the Nuvinci CVT hub was smooth.

 Then adding the trailer with Samsonite flight case, she found that the drag was very small, although noticeable. The New World Tourist model is what Sumei prefers. Although the 5.4 lb nuvinci made it a little too heavy for her.

 2. Pocket Llama select: we assembled it out of the second Samsonite flight case and had to change the Thudbuster suspension seatpost as it was too high for her.

 3. Pocket Rocket Select: being use to drop bars, Sumei really liked the ride and lightness of this bike but the Tiagra Shifters were an upgrade to her old school drop bar twisters.

 4. Future Tikit with delta C-drive belt. She liked the silence of the belt and the fold was as usual quite fascinating.

 Sumei wants to do more research on the nuvinci and belt drive. Hopefully she will be ordering a NWT soon. P

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